10 Excuses To Give For Not Drinking While You Are Pregnant, Without Letting Anyone Else Know About It

10 Excuses To Give For Not Drinking While You Are Pregnant, Without Letting Anyone Else Know About It

10 Excuses To Give For Not Drinking While You Are Pregnant, Without Letting Anyone Else Know About It

It's party season. And you are going to be around some usual friends or colleagues for a round of drinks outside. But wait…you have just recently discovered that you are expecting. You cannot drink alcohol like before! But for a woman, who usually drinks but suddenly refuses is an indicator for many that she must be expecting.

You must be very excited to tell everyone the good news at some point, but just not yet. Maybe because you are not comfortable, and first you yourself want to fully absorb the news.

Or maybe your gynaecologist has cautioned you that it's a delicate period so just wait for some time till you get a few scheduled check-ups done.

Or maybe your elders have told you to keep the news to yourself for the first trimester.

So how to party like before, but refuse to drink without letting anyone know that you are expecting?

This article gives you 10 excuses you can use to refuse a drink while pregnant, but without actually indicating the same.

But first, let us understand why do most couples wait until the end of the first trimester before sharing the good news with other people.

What is the logic behind not sharing the good news with the world until the end of the first trimester?

The first trimester is a tremendous time of development and change for yourself and the little life in your tummy.

And it's considered to be the most risky period. As per statistics, 80 percent of all known miscarriages occur in the first trimester itself.

If a developing baby passes the 7th week heartbeat test, the risk of miscarriage drops to about 10 percent. Oftentimes, in these early weeks, one may not even know about conception unless an early pregnancy test is taken. After week 12, the risk of miscarriage falls to about 5 percent.

As per stats, the risk of miscarriage after 14 weeks is only 1 percent for most women.

This is when most women are comfortable enough to share the good news with everyone.
Also, very soon after this, for most woman, the baby belly will slowly start showing.

Till then, you might come across situations where you will have to cover up the pregnancy and come up with excuses every now and then.

For those women who enjoy a glass of wine or two ( or perhaps you have some other favourite spirit), pregnancy and feeding is the time when you will have to stay away from drinking for obvious reasons.

This doesn't mean that you completely stop partying and give up on your social life.
Go out, meet your friends, party, since very soon, a time will come when the baby will need your full attention and you might not even be able to step out for a while.

List of top 10 excuses to give for not drinking while you are pregnant

Here are top 10 excuses to give for not drinking while you are pregnant, without letting anyone know that you are expecting.

1. I'm fasting.

Choose whatever fast is the most believable for yourself. Whether it is a religious feast or a festive feast. Explain how the fast only allows you to eat chosen stuff.

Then quickly change the conversation by talking about the weather.

2. I lost a bet.

Tell everyone you lost a bet and the condition was that you have to give up drinking for 10 days. The bet could have been laid on any recent match, or maybe you predicted a wrong ending of the most trending Netflix series. Better still, say that the bet was with your partner (if it's he is out with you too). His playing along will make it more genuine.

3. So, I'm on this new detox diet and…

Show excitement how this new detox diet is already doing some wonders to your weight as well as your well-being. In case you are amongst the few Lucky ones and your partner is mentally supporting you in the pregnancy and has decided to give up alcohol, just say that you both are on this new detox diet together.

4. I am finishing a course of meds.

It is common knowledge that allergy medicines and antibiotics are not effective when mixed with alcohol. Just say, ' I can't drink till my course is over!'

5. I have an early morning yoga meditation class to attend.

Tell everyone about your new routine towards self-evolution. For this, you have to diligently go (or attend an online meet) for a yoga cum meditation class in the wee hours of the next morning.

Also, it's not just about waking up early for the class, but it's also about keeping your head clear for the activities.

6. I' m his party driver tonight.

(Pointing towards your partner) Explain to everyone how to post covid, you don't take any drivers, and drive yourselves. It's so happened that today is your turn to drive. In our opinion, playing this DD card ( Designated Driver card) will stop any further questions or persuasions.

7. I'm still nursing my hangover.

It's the party season. And you've been out most nights, chilling with different groups of friends. The previous night, you had a little too much, and your hangover is still not completely gone. How you wished you could join for a round of drinks! ( Wink ;-))

8. I have an upset stomach.

Blame it on some home delivery orders from some new Chinese food place that has recently opened.

The Sichuan sauce was too much for your belly to handle.

Or maybe it was a new North Indian restaurant, and you have the Delhi Belly syndrome.

9. Let me hop over to the bar and see what to order.

Do this and whisper to the bartender to make a virgin version of your favorite drink. No one will visually be able to make out the difference between a cocktail and a mocktail. Just plan out how to cover this up when the bill arrives.

10. Or if you are hanging out with a close group of friends this might also be safe to say...

Tell them that you are 'trying to conceive,' and you have decided to stay clean henceforth.

This way they won't fall off their chair when after some months, you are fully ready to share the good news with them.

Now, let us understand how alcohol can cause harm to your developing baby.

The placenta supplies the growing baby in your belly with food and oxygen through the umbilical cord. When a mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy, the alcohol in her blood quickly passes through the placenta to her developing baby.

It can hamper the growth of the baby's cells. The most likely cells to be damaged by alcohol are the brain and spinal cord cells. FASD, i.e. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is a term used to describe the adverse effects of alcohol on a baby.

PLEASE NOTE - No amount of alcohol has been proven safe during pregnancy.

The final takeout is this -

The most important part of your decision should be centered around what makes you the most comfortable.

Depending on which group of your friends/relatives/ co-workers you are partying with,Choose the best-suited excuse. Just make sure that you and your partner discuss what story to stick to before going to the party. Just remember to play a very convincing role.

 All the best!

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