Ninth Month Pregnancy - List of Symptoms and Body Changes

Ninth Month Pregnancy - List of Symptoms and Body Changes

Ninth Month Pregnancy - List of Symptoms and Body Changes

Hello moms, the wait is almost going to be over. Nine long months of creating a life inside you. Wow! We are proud of you that you made it through this blissful and yet uncomfortable to some extent journey with strength and courage. You have taken proper care of yourself, loved yourself and your baby, did every possible thing to ensure that you are doing things the right way starting from reading a lot on pregnancy to taking birthing classes, and the list goes on. You are great. You are in your ninth month now, and your baby may come by any time now. Women generally give birth between 38-and 40 weeks. However, hardly any of them give birth exactly on their due date. As you step into your ninth month, let's have a look at what you can expect this month. 

Your Baby at the Ninth Month

Your baby is the size of a small pumpkin, about 20 inches long, and weighing around 7.5 pounds. Your baby will be undergoing rapid development this month. The lungs will develop, and your baby will learn to breathe outside the womb. Your nine-month-old fetus will now have more coordinated reflexes and will be capable of blink grasp and turn its head. 

What are the Changes You may Notice in Your Body? 

We don't mean to scare you but this month is going to be a bit difficult for you. As your baby's development reaches its full term, you have the chance of being really tired for most of the time, even while you are resting, because nothing feels comfortable to you. Your baby is around 6-7 pounds and no wonder, the weight is your reason behind the discomfort. 

One good thing is, the baby hangs lower in your pelvis releasing the diaphragm of the pressure which helps you to breathe properly again, although this may increase your urge to pee. 

You are likely to experience cramps and contractions. But it's important that you learn the difference between actual contractions and practice contractions. In case you feel you are experiencing labor, contact your doctor without any delay.  

List of Symptoms in Nine Months Pregnancy

1. Appetite Changes

Well, another tiny human being is slowly and steadily taking shape inside you. And, of course, it needs more energy, which comes from food. Plus, your baby gets food from what you eat. So, isn’t it natural, dear moms? But, the frequent urge to eat can get really frustrating especially when you are trying to sleep at night, but the hunger and your cravings disturb you. But, it’s important you maintain a healthy weight level, and learn to keep your cravings in control.

2. Frequent urination

By this time, you must be really frustrated and tired as hell of going to the washroom repeatedly. Well, moms, we do understand that. Thanks to your growing baby, who presses your bladder making you pee frequently. 

3. Exhaustion

Your little angel keeps growing inside your womb and keeps getting bigger, making your bump pop more and more. This naturally puts extreme pressure on your body, and it’s natural for you to feel exhausted. Take an ample amount of rest, and do not miss out on sleep.

4. Constipation

Constipation is the cause of increased levels of hormones like progesterone in your body. Progesterone aids in the relaxation of the body’s muscles, including our intestines. A slower moving intestine leads to slower digestion, further leading to constipation.

5. Disturbed Sleep

Well, all these awful pregnancy symptoms paired up with your growing baby bump lead to the pregnancy insomnia that many moms experience. The frequent urge to urinate, cravings, heartburn, backache, and whatnot - we know how much it’s difficult for you to sleep. And imagine the baby kicking in the middle of the night on top of that. Ah! Moms, this is the last month, and you will get through this.

6. Backache

Thanks again to your little baby constantly growing, making your baby bump bigger, and changing your center of gravity, leading to the back. Moreover, the pregnancy hormones resulting in your pelvic joints relaxing, as a mode of preparing you for childbirth, may also lead to back pain.
Try out prenatal yoga to give yourself some relief. Wear good, comfortable shoes, and do not lift heavy objects. Gentle massages, or hot or cold packs when positioned correctly, work wonders. 

7. Pelvic Pressure

In the second trimester, the extra weight of pregnancy is generally more evident. The uterus provides increasing pressure on the lower body as the pregnancy advances. This pressure can induce a feeling of fullness in the vaginal canal or generalized pain and pressure in the hips and pelvis as the pelvic floor weakens. Pressure in the pelvis may be an early symptom of labor for some women in the later stages of pregnancy. If they have stomach cramps or a feeling of something pressing down on their uterus, it could indicate that they are soon to give birth.

8. Stretch Marks

Your baby is still growing, and your adorable bump is stretching your skin as well. Stretch marks result as a result of this. You may also experience skin itchiness due to stretched skin. To avoid them, stay hydrated and use natal-safe, mild lotions and oils.

9. Pigmentation

When you're nine months pregnant, you are likely to notice certain changes in your skin. The hormones racing through your body during pregnancy can cause an increase in melanin production, resulting in brownish spots on your face (known as melasma) or a dark line running down the center of your lower belly (known as the linea nigra).

What to Shop For Your Baby?

Trust us, your little cutie pie is going to need more things than you have ever needed. It’s always a good choice to stay well prepared before the situation actually commences. So, shop for your baby before the baby lands on earth. Or, you will have a hard time taking care of your baby, and shopping for it amidst your postpartum recovery, which may turn out to be really hectic for you. Here is a list of what you can buy for your newborn.

  • Muslin Clothes
  • Shirts/Frocks
  • Sweaters or jackets 
  • Oilcloth 
  • Blankets
  • Socks and shoes
  • Gentle detergent for clothes 
  • Cot 
  • Perambulator 
  • Diapers
  • Baby soap, shampoo, and lotions 
  • Baby towels
  • Baby wipes 
  • Baby bathtubs
  • Milk bottles and nipples 

Ninth Month Pregnancy Checklist

  1. Learn more about childbirth and labor. Research about what happens to your body in the moments of labor, and after you give birth. 
  2. Nine-months pregnancy journey has been a long one. There has been pain and discomfort all along. Read about postpartum recovery so that you know what will heal your body, and how. 
  3. Don’t forget to shop for essentials for your baby. Shop for soft baby clothes, diapers, bottles, and other necessities. 
  4. Pay regular visits to the Pediatrician with your newborn. 

Your wait is finally going to get over this month. You have been through a lot, and finally, you will hold your baby for the first time in your hands. Stay strong. We know you are stressing out about labor. Telling you not to worry is impractical. What we will tell you is to stay strong, and just assure you that everything will be fine.



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