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Ready for labor? The Only Hospital Bag Checklist You Will Ever Need

Ready for labor? The Only Hospital Bag Checklist You Will Ever Need

Maternity suit? Check. Loose dressing gowns? Check. Burping cloth? Check. Diapers? Check. Peace of mind? No.

We are correct, right moms? Your baby is all set to arrive and you are freaking out over almost anything and everything. We absolutely get you. It’s very natural to get stressed in this scenario. And, one of the big tasks, or rather the biggest task right now for you, is to pack your bag before you go to the hospital to give birth. This task will perhaps relieve you from a lot of stress and pressure at a time when these can have detrimental effects on your health.

When to Pack Your Hospital Bag

You should start packing your hospital bag before your 9th month ends. Because, once your 36th week ends and you are full-term (37 weeks), you can go into labor at any time. So, we suggest you start packing at the beginning of the 9th month. You can also take it slow and start packing from your 8th month. It completely depends on your convenience and comfort. Also, make sure you install the right car seat in your car around the same time you start packing your hospital bag so that it is hospital ready. Be aware of the rules about baby carseat in your state or country.

Do not forget to remind your partner to pack their bag too. They will be staying with you in the hospital and certainly, they have their own necessities and requirements. Ask them to stay prepared and pack their bags well before time.  

What to Pack for the Baby in the Hospital Bag

Your little packet of joy may be very tiny but will be needing a long list of essentials. Sometimes, doctors decide to keep babies in an observation room for some time and bring babies to their mothers only for feeding. If this is the case with you and your little one too, do not worry. However, you still will need to pack your pregnancy hospital bag must-haves for your baby. And rightfully so, your little one is a new member of the family after all, and the most adorable one. Haha! Here is what you need to pack for your baby along with your pregnancy hospital bag essentials. 

  • A pack of newborn diapers, about 5 for each day. (You will undoubtedly need more, but those can be bought later.) 
  • Four to five sets of clothes. Or if you are not banking on getting the clothes washed during your stay, we suggest you pack about 10 sets.
  • Two Sweaters for winter babies
  • A few Baby vests
  • One Home-going outfit (don’t forget to pack mittens, a jacket, and a snowsuit too if it’s winter)
  • Two waterproof mats for changing
  • One or more receiving blankets or soft blankets (depending on the weather)
  • Three pairs of socks and booties (newborns can catch a cold easily)
  • Two soft towels
  • One or two baby bibs to prevent dribbles from getting on your clothes.
  • A few cloth nappies
  • A few packs of baby wipes
  • Baby products – baby powder, baby lotion, baby oil, diaper rash cream and baby wash
  • Two swaddle blankets
  • About 8 big muslin cloths if you are one of the moms who believe to wrap up your baby tightly for the first few months

How Many Days Would You Need to Pack for?

For normal vaginal delivery, doctors keep moms in the hospital for at least 24 hours, although most of them stay for about three days. However, if you are having a C-section delivery, the doctor will be keeping you in the hospital for about 2-4 days. And remember that recovery in case of a C-section takes longer than in a normal vaginal delivery. Mothers who have undergone a C-sec delivery usually are discharged after the 5th day.

Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist (For the Mom)

Don’t get intimidated by the long list that you are about to read now. You will actually need a lot of essentials for your maternity hospital bag, in order to be labor-ready and also to pass time as you wait for your little one to knock the door.

  1. ID, Hospital paperwork, Health insurance card /Insurance policy / Previous medical reports 
  2. Four to five lightweight or nursing dressing gowns
  3. Two  jackets and sweaters in case of cold weather
  4. At least three comfortable postpartum dresses with feeding options
  5. One homecoming dress
  6. Birth Plan (in case you have one)
  7. Two pairs of Socks and one pair of comfortable slippers
  8. A pack of face wipes (there might be days when you are too tired to wash your face, face wipes come in handy on those days)
  9. Natal-Safe skincare and haircare products like lotion/Massage oil/Moisturizer / Lip Balm
  10. Nipple cream (trust us it is a savior for first-time moms who may experience sore nipples due to feeding)
  11. Hair accessories – Comb, hair clutches, hair bands, rubber bands, etc.
  12. Breastfeeding accessories
  13. Maternity Lingerie (feeding bras and underwear)
  14. Disposable period panties (for the first three days)
  15. One Diaper Bag
  16. Post-Natal maternity Belt
  17. One feeding pillow (optional)

Other Essentials

It’s possible that you find yourself getting bored as you wait to go into labor. You can very well carry certain things to kill boredom.

  • Your phone
  • Phone charger
  • Snacks – chocolates, dry fruits, fruits, etc. 
  • Toiletries - Toothbrush / Toothpaste



Being as comfortable as possible during labor and post-delivery is the key aim. And these above-mentioned items may provide you with comfort and allow you to stay relaxed. So moms, don’t forget to pack your bag before going to the hospital.



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