Second Month Pregnancy - List of Symptoms & Body Changes

Second Month Pregnancy - List of Symptoms & Body Changes

Second Month Pregnancy - List of Symptoms & Body Changes

Firstly congratulations on entering into second month pregnancy! The baby growth is fast in this month and it’ll be somewhat bigger than what it was yesterday. But when you enter into your second month pregnancy period, new symptoms start surfacing and you might get overwhelmed with emotions of excitement, happiness and worry at the same time because it is going to be no less than a roller coaster ride! Undoubtedly, there will be a lot going on in your mind, it however becomes important to be mindful of the fact that you’re on this beautiful journey of giving life to a newborn

Read on to know more about the second month pregnancy symptoms, how the growth of your baby takes places in the upcoming weeks and what you can do for a healthy pregnancy period.

Pregnancy symptoms that are commonly experienced at this stage include: 

1. Morning Sickness or Nausea

Morning sickness or feeling of nausea becomes evident in the morning hours; however contrary to this popular notion, it can kick start at any time of the day and remains through the whole day in varying proportions. Though it doesn’t have a negative impact on the mother’s health, but this prolonged feeling of nausea can cause failure or distraction at work. But you can definitely do something to combat it as when you wake up in the morning, consume some plain cracker which can help control your blood sugar levels. This is not the case with all moms-to-be, but if you experience morning sickness be comforted by the fact that it’ll eventually subside when you enter into second trimester. 

2. Mood Swings 

This is true that as the crazy hormones take control over your body you become a little more emotional so much so that you are happy at one point and on the other you start feeling low on energy. Your moods tend to fluctuate based on what you experience within your body. You become unreasonable and stubborn like a kid sometimes. All this happens because of disturbance in the estrogen and progesterone levels which lead to a shift in the chemical composition of your brain. 

3. Aversion to Food   

Don’t be surprised if you develop aversion to certain food, including smell and even those eatables which once were tempting but now taste horrible and may even trigger nausea simply because you are pregnant now. Find comfort if your taste has changed and consume healthy diet till the time you don’t feel your usual self. What more you can do is to stay in touch with your healthcare expert who can guide you about ways of keeping your diet healthy.

4. Craving for Specific Food Items 

Pregnancy cravings are said to be even crazier than your mood swings. Food items that expectant mothers can have cravings for are ice-creams, large burgers and then it can be something absolutely bizarre as cigarette ash or fragrant erasers. It can worsen if you happen to be nutrition deficient. However, you can give in to your cravings if it’s not harmful and are a healthier substitute to what you consume otherwise. 

5. Constipation 

This is yet another early pregnancy symptom caused due to a hormone called progesterone. This hormone is known to slow down the digestive system. In case you’re consuming prenatal vitamins containing a lot of iron then you’re likely to suffer from it. The only way to fix it is to drink enough water as in stay hydrated and active all day long. 

Changes that take place inside your Body 

Enlargement of Breast Shape and Size 

One fine morning when you get up, you might feel difference in the shape and size of your breast. Your breasts would become bigger than usual so much so that your regular bra size won’t fit you well. In addition, it will become delicate and very reactive to touch. Estrogen and progesterone hormones will help your body to deal with pregnancy, but at the same time it will also result in increasing the accumulation of fat in your body, including your breasts.

Increase in Saliva in your Mouth 

In comparison to the initial phase of your pregnancy, you are likely to experience more buildup of saliva in your mouth. It could either be related to morning sickness that you experience or hormonal changes taking place inside your body. 

Painful Strain in Uterus 

With the growth of baby inside your womb is precisely the time where the uterus starts expanding to make space for the child. This expansion causes strain in your uterus thereby leading to pain.

Changes in Vaginal Discharges 

While you’re experiencing changes in your body, vaginal discharges also undergo change during the second month of your pregnancy period. From the change in color to the thinning or thickening of secretions – changes are observed more often than usual. 

Frequent visit to the Loo   

It so happens that washroom becomes the second home for the expectant mothers. There is a constant urge to urinate which happens because of the secretion of a hormone called hCG, i.e. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Don’t feel low if we tell you that this feeling will linger on throughout your pregnancy period. So what becomes the top-notch priority for you is keeping yourself hydrated. 

Baby Growth when you are 2-month Pregnant 

In a 2-month pregnancy period, your baby looks like the size of a raspberry. Even though it’s tiny cute, the baby inside starts taking shape, its heart, eyes, ears, nose and mouth start developing in addition to the vital body systems, such as nerves and respiratory organs which rapidly form within the child’s body. Umbilical cord responsible for supplying blood to your baby also starts developing in this very month. And by the end of this second month, your baby will look a lot like human. You can observe the growth of your child in the second month ultrasound report. As tiny as it may seem, but your child’s growth in this month is approximately 10,000 times the very first stage of its formation.  During the sixth week of your pregnancy, your gynaec might make you feel the heartbeat of your child.  

What to Eat during this Period?

Needless to say, food that you eat is the vital source of nourishment for your child, it therefore becomes crucial to consume nutrient-rich food. If you supply your body with proper nutrition, then it will definitely have a positive impact on the growth and development of your baby. Here are five essential food categories, which you must never skip:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Diary
  • Proteins 

In addition, make sure to be regular with your prenatal multivitamin tablets and to eat Omega-3 rich food, which is extremely vital for the healthy brain development of your child. 

What not to Eat during this Period?

Avoid the consumption of such large fish as:

  • King Mackerel
  • Shark
  • Swordfish

As high level of mercury is found in these fish, it can inevitably cause harm to your baby. It would therefore be good for you to limit your intake of seafood to 8 to 12 ounces in a week. 

Avoid Unpasteurized Products 

Stop the consumption of unpasteurized product as these contain bacteria which might lead to infection in your body. This includes:

  • Unpasteurized Milk 
  • Juices 
  • Milk Products 
  • Blue Cheese
  • Feta

Stay Active 

Last, but not the least keep a check on your weight, stay active, exercise, go for long walks, do swimming – all these activities combined prove to be really helpful in making you feel good. Also, please note that any sort of extreme sport should be avoided, such as 

  • Basketball
  • Water Skiing
  • Soccer 

If you have never exercised before then take baby steps and don’t overdo. Also, consult your gynaec before you start any new exercise routine.

Takeaway: With the onset of this beautiful phase of second month pregnancy, you will face its own shares of challenges too. No doubt that the initial few months will be both exhilarating as well as demanding at the same time, but by following the right course of action and taking due precautionary measures during the second month, the development of your baby would take the right direction and you will eventually feel that within yourself. 



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