List of Valentines Day Ideas for Expecting and New Couples

List of Valentines Day Ideas for Expecting and New Couples

List of Valentines Day Ideas for Expecting and New Couples

Increase the recommended daily dose of Love this V-Day with these 5 Easy and Solid Ideas to convert each corner of your own home into a perfect romantic date for busy parents.

Love is in the air and Valentine’s day is here. You’re already thinking of innovative ways to have that perfect romantic date with your bae. If you’re expecting a new member or you’re a new parent, there could be a lot of stress making that valentine’s date a perfect one. Don’t let the chaos of planning distract you from spending quality time together. 

We have penned down a few romantic date ideas for making this Valentine’s day special with the newer member in your family. 

1. Convert your kitchen to a Master Chef desk

No!! This is not yet another meal being cooked in the kitchen. Depending on how far you are in the pregnancy (or motherhood) and your work schedule, it might be a wise idea to spend that time together demonstrating your culinary skills. Take this opportunity to transform your kitchen and dining room into a gourmet restaurant. Cooking together can be fun (we highly recommend role reversal). Watch your bae take charge of the meal. Choose wisely from a romantic Spotify playlist and let the music sink in. Add some laughter and make the moments lighter. Given your possible (pregnancy or nursing) dietary restrictions  pick options that are natal safe and easy on your belly. Make sure you skip the foods and beverages to avoid. Alcohol during pregnancy or nursing is not recommended, hence skip the alcohol and turn them into mocktails, turmeric latte or a seasonal berry smoothie can also be tried. 

Takecaremom nutritional fact for love

2. Convert your bedroom into a luxurious Spa

Pregnant and new mothers always need a little extra pampering. We would recommend a couples massage subject to the Covid-19 restrictions in your area and your own comfort level. Make sure you consult your doctor as well as the spa before making that appointment. This will ensure safety for you and your baby. There are spas specializing in pre and post-natal massages. Make sure you select the right one. If you choose to have a romantic massage at home, make sure you choose the right oil that’s natal safe. Dim those lights, light those scented candles (look for the safety seal) and let your healing touch do the magic. What’s even better, is to ask your hubby to be your personal masseur for the evening! This will work wonders especially if your or your partner’s love language is physical touch.

3. Convert your living room to a mini-theatre 

As an expecting or new parent you must be really busy. Sometimes the work or the baby schedule may not allow you to step out. At the end of the hectic day, you just want to kick back and unwind. Plan a movie night. I know you are a conscious mom and like to sleep on time but take a detour from your routine today and celebrate good times together by watching your favourite romantic or a cartoon title. Hold your hands and enjoy intimate moments. Smile, laugh, cry and let all those emotions flow freely. Take this opportunity to surrender to your cravings – whether a cup of ice-cream, waffle or a munching of your choice. Grab your favourite snacks, sit back and relax, lift up your fleet and start streaming that movie.

Turn off the lights, and tell him to give those Zombies a break, and watch one of our top-10 titles to watch when you're pregnant - Juno, Knocked-up, Baby Mama, What to expect when you’re expecting, The back-up plan, Babies, Bridget Jone’s baby, Baby Boss, Minions and The Switch.

Caution: Your movie night may not be so easy if your little angel is wide awake and demanding feed or your attention. Keep the volume low. 

4. Convert your dining table to a games / DIY Corner

Pre-order one of those spicy, romantic or fun couple games depending on what you lean towards. There are plenty available online. Instead of checking other peoples IG, spend 10 minutes to choose one that will add the zing to your marriage. Or play an old-fashioned Truth and Dare and rediscover each other. You could even opt for a DIY art or craft. Except that the DIY becomes DIT ( Do it together) Maybe make a photo-frame for the cute baby pictures, or a new name plate for the house.  Whatever your choice, your bond is sure to get stronger fusing the elements of laughter and love. 

5. Do something together

Time to amplify your date by doing something extra.

  • Post dinner go for a stroll in the peace and quiet of your own terrace. Hold hands, whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears and get intimate under the stars.
  • Post the short walk, relax on a pre-arranged mattress, decked up with pillows and candle lights around it. Open your laptop, get cozy under a blanket and watch a well compiled album of pictures and videos of your earlier days together.
  • Get intimate - what’s Valentine’s Day without romance?
  • Get a maternity photoshoot done today after all you want to include your little angel in the special moments.
  • Take a luxurious bubble bath and pamper your skin. Hold hands and go for a short walk under the stars or to a park near your house. Dig deep into a box of chocolates and set the mood.
  • Make a photo collage and surprise her. Post a cute Instagram reel expressing love for the baby and the partner.

    6. Meet Your Baby

    Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love. Now that two is becoming three, how about meeting your little angel on Valentines day? Plan your scheduled sonography to be on this day. Spend that time together checking on the growth of your little angel and listening to the heart beats. Trust me it’s a divine moment and nothing is more precious than showing up and expressing your love for the little angel. I’m sure your baby doesn't want to miss your visit on this day of love!

    7. Dinner date for two 

    A perfect dinner date needs many things but two of the most important elements are someone you love and an incredible gastronomic experience. Whether it’s a gourmet restaurant or a lavish spread of delicacies, make sure your table is reserved first. Healthy foods should be your only choice and it’s important to follow your doctor / nutritionist’s advice. Inquire about live performances and choose a table away from speakers, if that bothers you. If you have doubts about staying awake past 9pm, choose a lavish brunch instead. Spending good time at the dining table is important given your maternity induced restrictions, so work around but don’t skip.


      Valentine’s Day is approaching fast! If you have planned your date well in advance, make that call again to ensure everything is in the order. Afterall you don’t want that date to be spoiled and extra stress for your partner. Get dressed in your best and surround yourselves with the red. From red heart shaped balloons to red paper hearts and from red flowers and gifts wrapped in red. Let there be love.

      Let there be love. And if the little angel has already arrived, either involve the baby fully, or opt to ask your own parents or in-laws to take care of their grandchild for a couple of hours. Pass this article to planning, expecting and new parents within your network !!

      Author: Ekta Dharap. 



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