In my Diary Pages, I have penned down snippets and sometimes even some vivid detailed parts from my pregnancy journey. As you read, you will also meet some important people in my life, especially during that phase. I offer here my own ups and downs, highs and lows, trials with triumphs, as well as mistakes and learnings.

Morning Sickness (Takecaremom Diary Page 27)
When does morning sickness during pregnancy begin? Till when does it last? Get all your doubts and queries answered by our experienced experts.
Best explanation to everyone's suspicion (Diary Page 26)
I have been an active contributor to discussions and debates since my school days. I would bring a unique perspective to the whole conversation and that’s why everyone loved me being around.
Challenges of a working woman (Diary Page 25)
Challenges of a working woman “May I come in mam?” there was a knock on my door. I recognised Neha’s sweet voice on the other side of the door. She took care of the front office for the hotel reception,...
Road in the pothole (Diary Page 24)
It was the monsoon season, and after each cycle ride, Sameer would come home complaining about the potholes on the roads. The digging for the metro work, broadband, gas pipelines, and the construction work for flyovers aggravated the problem multifold.
Beginning of the sacrifices (Diary Page 23)
It was the beginning of a journey full of sacrifices. Most moms give up on a lot of their hobbies and passions in this phase for various reasons, I had begun following in their footsteps. Cycling was the first to go. For a person cycling almost 200km a week, this was one of the hardest things.
First Contact (Diary Page 22)
I’ll never forget the first time I saw our baby on that glowing black and white ultrasound screen. I was already late for the appointment. As soon as we reached, Sameer completed the clerical formalities while the staff at the clinic took some vital measurements.

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