Baby Planning - Is This Our Defining Moment?  (Diary Page 1)

Baby Planning - Is This Our Defining Moment? (Diary Page 1)

Baby Planning - Is This Our Defining Moment? (Diary Page 1)

This was one of the days when nothing monumental or illustrious happened as such. But a seemingly insignificant and tiny event played a major role in one of my most important decisions of life.

5th May 2018. It was Nishant's ( One of my closest childhood buddy) birthday party. He had booked an amazing party hall, and we were having a blast. 

There was a cacophony of loud music, laughter, talks, children playing.. But to add to it, and not in a good way, suddenly Mona's toddler started crying out aloud, grabbing everyone's attention.

The rest of the sounds mellowed as the elders tried to calm him.  Someone offered him balloons from the party decor, someone tried to give him different food stuff ( Even cake didn't work!) and so on... But nothing worked, and it seemed that Neel was getting only more and more cranky. Then I thought to give it a try and not feel like the odd one out.

What happened next was just unbelievable! A moment after I picked him up and sang one of my favourite songs ( which wasn't even a lullaby! I found myself singing ' Yellow Submarine.' ) Neel immediately stopped crying even to his parents' surprise. His deep set eyes just wanted to hear more of it. Matching his gaze, I gave him a small reassuring smile and continued singing. It was as if we were making a complete conversation of our own. He then rested his soft head on my shoulders and fell asleep. After a while Mona took him away. And I found myself terribly missing his warm breath and the amazing smell of his tiny head. I think for a second there, I was just so jealous of Mona!

After we returned home from the party, Sameer went to bed. But I could not. This whole incident got me thinking. Was it a sign? A message from God? 

The two years since we married have just flown by. Last year was simply amazing. Sameer got a good raise and closed a multi-million-dollar deal. We had lovely vacations around the globe, a much-needed breather that revived our love affair! I was loving this phase of extra-abundance, with double income and zero liabilities. And I just didn't want this phase to change or go away.  

Off late, my parents and even Aai had started pestering us with the dreaded question ' Kyare aapse goodnews?' Yes, I do get their point. My mother already had Karan and me by the time she was my age. From my health perspective, I should not delay getting pregnant further. But till today, I was still not sure whether it was the right time or how I was going to handle this huge responsibility.

After the events at the party, I started missing something I never had. This feeling was completely new for me. At the same time, all of a sudden, I feel confident too. Confident about enjoying motherhood, and running our family business at the same time. 

In fact, Sameer also had hinted some weeks ago when it is the right time to bring in a bundle of joy. And I had ignored the question totally that time. But knowing that he has already started thinking in that direction surely helps.

I can hardly wait to see Sameer's expression tomorrow, when I tell him that the time to plan a baby is now!

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