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Boys Night Out (Diary Page 16)

Boys Night Out

My phone rang at 5am. With groggy eyes, I tried to focus on the name on the screen. It was Sameer calling me. 

It was a boys' night out and Sameer went out with his school friends today. He has a tight friend circle and makes it a point to stay in touch with all (well almost all) of them. They dedicatedly meet once a month on a Saturday to catch up over drinks. 

The spouses are usually not part of these parties. I wonder what they discuss and do there but it always is a good reset for all of them. 

It was one of those rare occasions when Sameer forgot the house keys. That’s when he decided to call me from outside of our home. I went to open the door after a short conversation with him. His shirt smelled of cigarettes. I know that he doesn't smoke. But he sometimes shared a cigarette or two at such parties, accompanying his other ‘smoker’ friends. It is a mix of active and passive smoking. He quietly followed me to the room, gave me a nice hug, changed, and just went off to bed. 

It was the first time I couldn't stand the smell of cigarettes. I would get to know the whole story later. But in my heart, I wished that Sameer stayed away from even these occasional cigarette indulgences. It's crucial, especially now, when we are trying again. It's a well-known fact that caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol- led lifestyle impacts fertility, pregnancy, and the health of the baby. 

Well, Sameer woke up very late. Usually, he is up by 7 no matter what. Even Aai asked me twice whether Sameer was fine and why he was still asleep. 

Around 10am, Sameer woke up with a heavy head. Lying in bed, he narrated the whole crazy night out at "Socials" followed by an after-party at "Barrel" and a 4am dinner at the Domestic Airport. He even mentioned the cocktail of drinks they had, the two cigarettes he smoked and the cigar he shared with his friends. 

However, I interrupted him "Why is it that only I must take all the precautions and you can go partying with your friends, drinking and smoking? Haven't you read about reduced likelihood of conception due to alcohol intake? You do know that smoking and alcohol can impair your sperm quality? Then why do all this? I have already gone through a terrible miscarriage, please don't do something that may lead to other complications" I burst my heart out. 

Well, Sameer had no answer. He was prompt enough to accept his mistake. He knew it was important not to delay the baby. Being an honest and reliable man, I knew he would keep his word. However, as he stepped out of the bed, he said "This offer is valid only until successful conception" I leaned forward to hit him but he was too quick to run away. That's how he’s always been. Supportive and mischievous. I sooooo love him.

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