Excitement (Diary Page 8)

Excitement (Diary Page 8)

Excitement (Diary Page 8)

I haven't been regular with my diary for the last two months. Apologies for the same. No excuses, but it was a mix of work and birthday celebrations. My Birthday was in August and this year Sameer surprised me with a grand summer vacation in Spain (Total Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara style).

It was a 20 day-long break. We drove around Costa Brava, did some culture and culinary hunting in Barcelona, partied like crazy in Ibiza, played Tomato Holi at the Tomatina festival, watched the famous bull-run and soccer match at the Madrid stadium. It was a picture-perfect holiday and we made some new friends and ample memories along the way.

We came back and resumed our professional lives. Then came the 78th year of Ganesh Pooja at our house, a very long and unbroken family tradition. Lots of relatives and friends gather to celebrate together. The days passed by in a flash.

It was around mid-September and my periods were delayed by about a week this time. I was feeling a little hopeful! Ideally, I should have tested myself with the pregnancy kit immediately after the first few days of missed periods. But in the middle of all the festivities, I lost count.

Sameer excitedly brought the pregnancy test kit on his way back from work. We were so eager to conduct the test. But I remembered that the best time to take the pregnancy tests is in the morning hours, with the first urine of the day. So, we waited.

In the morning, Sameer was awake well before me. As I got off the bed, he handed over the kit to me with a wink. After all, we both were hopeful. I went to the bathroom and waited. Two faint red lines slowly appeared on the display. OMG, I was so thrilled! My emotions already went berserk and I found myself laughing and crying at the same time. That's just what I was waiting to see for so many months. I stormed out of the bathroom and showed the strip to Sameer. He had gauged the results from the glint in my eyes. We were elated and tightly hugged each other.

We broke this sweet news to Aai. She too was very happy and prayed for a smooth pregnancy. We decided to take some time off and do a surprise visit to Mom and Papa in the evening. When we told them about the positive pregnancy test, their joy knew no bounds. They were going to become grandparents for the first time!

Mom advised us to keep it a secret until the end of the first trimester. We nodded in agreement. It is a blessing to have such experienced people to guide us through the journey. We must listen to their wisdom. Mom spoke to our family doctor Dr. Mehta. He advised us to see him after some diagnostic tests. He also advised rest and limited travel for the next few days.

That night, I was wide awake. I knew there were so many things to do. I had to find the best Gynecologist, manage the transition at work, get the home ready for the baby, go shopping….Ah! So many things.

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