Factcheck - Are You Ready For Pregnancy? (Diary Page 2)

Factcheck - Are You Ready For Pregnancy? (Diary Page 2)

Factcheck - Are You Ready For Pregnancy? (Diary Page 2)

Mona called up as she was in my area the other day, and we landed up at Starbucks for coffee and conversations as usual. Me and Mona have these long stretches of time when we get busy with our own lives, and are not connected for what seems like eons, but when we meet up, it's like we've been in touch forever. Talking to her is just effortless, and I also filled her in with my latest 'Neel experience' at that party. A mischievous smile covered her face as if she had already read my mind.

The initial blushing and teasing turned into a serious conversation with the last sip of my Kenyan blend. "Ekta babes, happy to know that you are thinking along those lines...but are you really really ready from all the aspects of life?". I wondered what made her say that. My life was stable, infact never better. I was financially secured and had a great relationship with my hubby.

"You're already 35- Well past the optimal age for your first birth. Plus, not that you are in bad shape, but you do need to lose a ton of weight, if later you don't want to put on a lot. Now, making sure that you are physically fit is one thing. But what about mental and emotional aspects?

Work culture now is not like olden days anymore. And I have seen your work like a dog, and at times working around the clock for field trips, tours and meetings. And your work environment is not going to change to suit you. Nevertheless, what would you do to lighten up the load when the time comes? Do you plan to take a sabbatical? Although, it's four times harder to get back to work post that for most moms. Plus it's equally important to plan your support system even if you want to be a stay at home mom. We are living in the craziest of times!

Mona also touched upon a topic which didn't even cross my mind before. "The work environment is not the only one which can get toxic. You must be alert of things that you consume. Most fruits and veggies are sprayed with hazardous pesticides and fertilizers. Toxins are everywhere, and you need to know how they may affect you and your baby. Infact even some toxic substances from our regular cosmetics can penetrate our skin and adversely affect the growing baby! Apart from the essential detox and staying away from alcohol and passive smoking, you have to think about this too. 

I started feeling stressed already. She was right. But sensing my tension she went on... "Stress is yet another silent killer. Stress and lack of sleep can cause physical and mental health problems that you can't even imagine! Babes, I'm not trying to scare you. But having gone through all that myself, I think it's my duty to warn you about everything. In short, all I am saying is that each day would be a conscious decision making process. And just be mentally prepared to make several trade-offs. That's the only way to navigate the waters."

Abruptly, her watch caught her attention and she grabbed her cellphone. "It is time for the kids to wake up. So long!" Then she suddenly disappeared. I stared at the green starbucks lady on my coffee cup wondering what all it would take to be a successful mom! Many points tangled in my mind, unlike her the waves of her perfect hair. Mona is right! 'Make sure there are no loose ends.' I told myself. 

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