Garbha Sanskar (Diary Page 21)

Garbha Sanskar (Diary Page 21)

Garbha Sanskar 

As I researched, I was amazed by the concept of ‘Garbha Sanskar’. I must say that our ancestors paid a great deal of attention to the emotional well-being of the mother. It is believed that a child's emotional and behavioral development starts as soon as conception. The baby can recognize and respond to internal influences such as thoughts and feelings and external influences such as sounds and conversations. ‘Garbha Sanskar’, a Sanskrit word, which means ‘education in the womb’ emphasizes staying happy, positive, and relaxed during pregnancy.

The reason I resonated well with the concept was the logic and encouraging evidence from the scientific studies. I was willing to take up anything and everything that was even remotely going to benefit me and the unborn baby. This was a treasure. How could I miss this? I wished I had read and practiced this concept the first time, maybe the outcome could have been different. Nevertheless, here I am and it’s not too late either. I immediately ordered a book by Dr. Balaji Tambe on ‘Garbha Sanskar’ from Amazon. This was going to be my guiding light on the journey.

Eating healthy and moderate exercise was something I was doing. I got a few more ideas from the book. In the car, I was listening to music while going to work but I realized it was not the right one. There were lots of ads, commentary, and changes in channels. The songs were Bollywood and Hollywood records which didn’t help me focus and calm down. I searched and made playlists on YouTube. I started listening to melodious music that had a calming and soothing effect. Listening and reciting shlokas and instrumental music helped me relax. I even started playing music in the house and kept it playing throughout the night.

There was magic in the music. It was helping me sleep better. It was helping me get rid of unwanted thoughts and anxiety. I decided to read ‘Srimad Bhagavad Gita’ soon. I was unsure which Yoga asana to perform and stayed away from new exercises. I started talking to the baby with one hand on my tummy. I knew that whatever I say is reaching the baby and focused on positive communication with the unborn baby. It was a powerful force.

Doing research and reading the book, Sameer proposed avoiding nail-biting thrillers, horror, and crime series and switching to lighter and happy movies on TV. I was amazed to see how Sameer was quickly able to relate to the logical concept and start acting on things that were in his control. That Sunday afternoon we watched a Tom and Jerry cartoon. We both enjoyed a flurry of laughter as we saw Jerry mouse outwitting Tom cat episode after episode. The moments of joy, friendship, friendly fights, romance, and mischievous acts made me relaxed. I don't remember when was the last time I laughed so much. I remembered one advise ‘relax and reduce stress’ but today, Sameer showed me how it was to be done. You don’t have to always go for a major lifestyle change, little conscious choices can sometimes make a big difference.

Whether or not scientifically true, it surely was a step that made me feel happier. It added a feather to the beautiful bond - both with Sameer and the unborn baby. This was laying an awesome foundation for our baby to be born in a happy environment.

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