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Kovalam (Diary Page 18)


Great news! As I reached the Resort today morning, there was a different smile on everybody's face. Before I could ask anything, my bhabhi pulled me into the guest room. She broke the sweet news. She was pregnant and their bundle of joy was due to arrive in September 2019. 

I was excited and this news gave me a great boost. There's going to be an elder sibling who is going to take care of my angel (whenever he/she decides to come to my world). I did know that my brother and bhabhi were planning for some time now. But after all, it's their personal life and I never peeped into their journey. If I wouldn't have had a miscarriage, our angel would have been the first one to arrive. Well, this is not a race but still. Just saying…… 

Papa was very excited to hear this news and planned a surprise vacation for all of us. With his close friends and their families, he decided to head to Kovalam. There, he planned to announce this great news to his extended family. It was a big gathering. Both his sisters, five families, all of us, and Aai reached Leela, Kovalam. We enjoyed our beautiful beach-facing villas nestled amidst the coconut trees. 

We have also crossed the 3-4 month break from planning as advised by the doctor. It's time to get more intimate and enjoy this good time together. We have not even thought about resuming our baby-making efforts. Maybe it's time to add spice in our bedroom. 

The ovulation day is on our side. This could be the moment we see in the movies. Who cares? Let's enjoy the sea breeze and southern holidays. Roaming around in the bustling town of Kovalam, we visited the lighthouse and the famous beach. We also took a wooden log ride into the open sea. 

Sameer enjoyed the fresh catch. He was in a great mood. At my request, the hotel hosted a special lunch for us, traditional Kerala style thali on a banana leaf. We all relished the local delicacies. A short four-day trip with the family was a wonderful gathering. While returning home, I prayed at the nearby famous temple for healthy babies for both of us - Bhabhi and me.

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