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A peek into the mother's life (Diary Page 17)

A peek into the mother's life

The month of February was almost nearing its end. Time flies fast. The workload in the peak season seems to be never-ending. I was more than content with Sameer’s efforts and contributions. Within three months of joining the family business, he had built a strong second line of command. This success relieved me (and him) of all mundane matters, esp. in guest hospitality, a thankless and never-ending job. 

We planned for a relaxing holiday with Amit's and Nishant's family at Nishant’s house in Mahabaleshwar. Nishant's house overlooks a beautiful valley. The next three days went just like a breeze. We would get up early in the morning, walk 5000+ steps and come back by 9am to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a warm breakfast. Afternoons were well spent by the pool (it was freezing cold at night) and playing board games in the house. At nights, it was usually barbeque by the pool with soothing music, courtesy of Alexa. The day never concluded until we hogged multiple glasses of strawberry with fresh cream. 

I spent some good intimate time with Sameer and enjoyed the warmth of his touch in peak winter. While none of us were carrying our laptops, we occasionally opened our mail and took some urgent phone calls. The outdoor and board games brought us closer to Amit and Nishant’s kids. We understood a different world of theirs. Me, Chandni and Radhika continued our heart-to-heart conversations talking about cooking, family, relations, holidays, and kids. I also got to understand newer challenges of parenthood, but I guessed we are far away from that.  

I was full of praise for both the kids. Radhika said, “If you like them so much, take them home and spend a week with them”. “Yes, take mine too” Chandni added. And they both laughed. Chandni continued, “After kid(s) life revolves around, esp. if you have not planned your social support system. It happened in my case, I thought that I would be able to handle it, but man! With Amit’s crazy travel and work, it is just tough to manage everything alone. Sometimes, I am just dead tired. We even considered home schooling that would give Mehul a good opportunity to discover his talents while escaping from ROTE learning, but I couldn’t do it being alone. Maybe you should consider when the time is right. 

Radhika added “I was luckier in terms of social support. But I somewhere overlooked my career, didn’t take up some of the opportunities. Later, you feel the pinch of the loss. However, in the end when I see Nivaan happy, I forget every pain. I feel it was all worth it.” “Yes, that’s true” seconed Chandni. While I knew both of them well, I had never discussed their story of raising kids. Packed with mixed feelings, I continued to gather more knowledge and ask some dumb questions well ahead of time. I was getting some glimpse of the future for sure. 

Last three months, we’d consciously stayed away from the topic of planning and it was helping me overcome the shame and guilt that followed the unfortunate miscarriage. I also regained my confidence and the hope that everything would be smooth the next time. 

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