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Road in the pothole (Diary Page 24)

Road in the pothole

It was the monsoon season, and after each cycle ride, Sameer would come home complaining about the potholes on the roads. The digging for the metro work, broadband, gas pipelines, and the construction work for flyovers aggravated the problem multifold. The poor quality of city roads was making cyclists' lives a nightmare.

Driving around the town in our car, Sameer knew almost every single pothole by its geographic coordinates! And he was right. Never do I remember feeling the jerk or suddenly hitting the speed breaker when he drove. Well, that was not the case with every driver. This time, I wanted to take no risk and hence either drove myself or asked Sameer to drive. I was afraid of miscarriage again after hitting a pothole or speed breaker unprepared.

Just when I was resisting travel, I had to take one. My niece, who was a teenager had met with an accident at Bandra and I had to be there immediately. Her dad was out of the station for work, and her mom was stuck in an important client meeting at her office. Plus, it wasn’t a major accident. But to my bad luck, Sameer had taken his car for the meeting in town and my car was in the garage for routine servicing. I was supposed to be home taking a rest but now I had no other option but to rush to the hospital. I called for a taxi and barged in. We just took our first turn from our house and THUD. He had missed the speed breaker and went over it at high speed. I was almost thrown in the air. I was furious and yelled at him to drive slowly.

Ten minutes into the ride I realized that he was almost twice my age and had a terrible judgment of the potholes or speed breakers. There was no way he was going to drive anywhere close to the way I or Sam drove. The seats were torn, and dirty and the car had a foul smell. Literally, for the next 45 minutes, I navigated him through the potholes and speed breakers on the road with some misses and some hits. My throat was almost dry giving him instructions.

I was angry, frustrated, and anxious.. but equally worried about my niece. Empathy and care took over the anger and frustration in no time. My next few hours went in getting her hand X-rayed, being at her side while she got a cast at the hospital. After that, I and my niece waited for Sameer as he finished his meeting and came to pick us up. I was exhausted and could even feel some cramps.

“I had a very bad ride through the potholes today. Is it going to impact my baby again?” I asked my gynecologist as soon as we dropped our niece. “I don’t have a straightforward answer and it usually depends on the past obstetrical and gynecological history. It also depends on a lot of factors such as the speed of the vehicle, size of the bump or pothole, your seating position, vehicle details, impact, etc. However in-general potholes have a low probability of directly causing a miscarriage. The uterus is very well cushioned within the pelvis and your seed of life is well protected. But knowing your history, It’s better to take care and be careful during the journey” She said.

Kind of relieved but still unsure, I wondered how the common woman would be traveling on public transport. I prayed for the safety of every unborn child and the strength of their mothers.

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