Speaking To The Doctor About Getting Pregnant  (Diary Page 3)

Speaking To The Doctor About Getting Pregnant (Diary Page 3)

Speaking To The Doctor About Getting Pregnant (Diary Page 3)

Yesterday, mom asked me whether I would accompany her to Dr. Mehta's clinic for her check-up. I thought about seizing this opportunity and getting some "friendly" professional advice. Honestly, ever since Mona's short discourse, I have been greedy for whatever info I could gather about pregnancy, how could I let go of this chance!

I urged Mom to wait by the car after she finished with her checkup (Thankfully, everything was just fine) giving some silly excuse to use the washroom. As soon as I had a private window with Dr. Mehta, I let him know about mine and Sameer's discussion about having a baby, and asked him for his advice on nutrition, vitamins, and conception. I had never discussed something like this with him before. But I have known him for years now, and more than a doc, he's become a fatherly old-school figure. Plus I had full faith that he wouldn't spill the beans to anyone!

His advice was precious. First of all he said "There's never a right time to start baby planning. You have to make the time right!" and scribbled some names of multivitamins on his pad that I had to start right away.

"If you haven't charted your menstrual cycle yet, you must do so now." By doing this, you will be able to track the days in which you are most likely to conceive." He spoke so casually about ovulation and fertility as if he was explaining Newton's third law of motion. He made it look simple and scientific. I stopped blushing and felt comfortable. He further added, "Being physically active helps to boost fertility. Get some sound sleep and try not to worry too much. It may seem obvious but have lots of sex (especially during your fertile period). I just couldn't control my chuckle at that particular piece of advice. I had never seen the humorous side of him before.

Dr. Mehta had some more important stuff to add. He explained how ironically the in-house toxins pose the greatest risk during pregnancy. Like pesticides, pet medications and waste, lead, cleaning products and BPA. I was ofcourse aware of keeping drinking and smoking at bay. But that day I could picture how other toxins may cause serious damage not just to a growing baby, but even at the early conception stage. Dr. Mehta also discussed ways to prevent miscarriage, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, reducing stress, and controlling obesity. He explained how lifestyle factors played a significant role in the journey. 

I felt well informed as well as confident after speaking to someone very knowledgeable, trusted, and sensible. And thanked him and quickly hurried down. Mom was waiting near the car. She asked me if everything was fine. I just nodded. I will tell her everything when the time is right. But the baby-planning aspect is still something at least I wasn't comfortable talking about in front of my parents yet!! 

I have so much to brief Sameer, hope I don't miss out on any of the important points. 

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