In my Diary Pages, I have penned down snippets and sometimes even some vivid detailed parts from my pregnancy journey. As you read, you will also meet some important people in my life, especially during that phase. I offer here my own ups and downs, highs and lows, trials with triumphs, as well as mistakes and learnings.

Plunging into lifestyle changes (Diary Page 4)
Sameer had just returned from a work trip to Delhi and all he wanted to do was unwind while watching the next episode of ‘Suits’ on Netflix. But I had to have this important conversation with him... 
Speaking To The Doctor About Getting Pregnant (Diary Page 3)
Yesterday, mom asked me whether I would accompany her to Dr. Mehta's clinic for her check-up. I thought about seizing this opportunity and getting some "friendly" professional advice. 
Baby Planning - Is This Our Defining Moment? (Diary Page 1)
This was one of the days when nothing monumental or illustrious happened as such. But a seemingly insignificant and tiny event played a major role in one of my most important decisions of life.

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Hi, I am Ekta Dharap, a mom of a tiny tod. I have learnt that to take optimum care of your little one, it's imperative to first take care of your own wellness and well-being. Besides, our children look up to us, and how we treat ourselves. This makes putting self care as top priority, without an ounce of guilt.

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