The culinary road towards weight loss (Diary Page 5)

The culinary road towards weight loss (Diary Page 5)

The culinary road towards weight loss (Diary Page 5)

I have been on the plump side most of my life. This is not the first time that I have thought about losing weight. On a couple of other occasions, I attempted to lose weight but only for time being. I was on the lookout for a lasting solution.

This time I decided to take the help of a professional nutritionist. There was enough literature available on the internet. But I was not sure which method worked for long-term benefits, rather for long-term losses, of that of weight! Plus especially at this phase of my life, I didn't want to compromise on my nutritional needs. 

My mother recommended me to a SOBO (South Bombay) nutritionist. After hearing positive stories about the transformation of my mom's friends- Mr. Shah and Mrs. Shah, I decided to try this nutritionist.

Unlike most others I had met, he was young and open-minded. While at first, I couldn't fit him as a nutritionist in my mind, I started believing him as he spoke about the science of weight loss. The session started with body parameter measurement and identification of fat, and muscle content of my body. 

He emphasized more on the caloric content than the type of food I ate. Although this was not new to me (I had read about it online), I had not implemented it into my diet.

He designed my diet based on my hectic schedule, practical challenges, and lifestyle. What I liked best was his interesting array of recipes I could choose from. They were delicious and easy to make, unlike the traditional bland and boiled food usually prescribed for weight loss. With an ambitious goal of losing 5-8 kilos over the next two months, I subscribed to his diet. And to my delight, Sameer gladly accepted the same meal for his dinner, even when I made it a routine.

The dietary regime started on a good note. I have changed my breakfast to seasonal fruits and smoothies. Lunch and Dinner are a mix of regular meals and exotic recipes. Most of the recipes take less than 10-15 minutes of preparation. I don't have to spend long hours in the kitchen. If this is what you call a diet, it's unlikely that I will ever get bored of it! Penning down three of my hand-picked recipes for a healthy start towards weight loss. 

1. Smoky Tofu Sandwich
2. Burrito Bowl
3. Veg Quinoa Bowl

With a good diet and nutritious food, I am now confident to shed a few kilos before I conceive. 

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