The long drive (Diary Page 13)

The long drive (Diary Page 13)

The long drive

We spent the next couple of days lying low. My belief that things are in God's hands rather than ours gave me some strength. Ceding control lessened the grieving process. But still, it was there and I was not able to come out of it completely. I did not know how long this would last or what would bring me back. I was far from being normal. All women who have been in a similar situation would have their own unique stories and different coping mechanisms. But for all, the emotions are very real, personal, and very intense.

The doctor advised us to take a 3-4 month break from planning and target a complete recovery. I worked from home (somewhat unusual for the hospitality sector) and ensured work was on track. Sameer also visited the Resort twice to do an on-ground follow-up on the event management activities. He worked closely with the marketing and reservation teams to scale up operations. Aware of my mental state, he gave me only selective updates. I saw a lot of emails exchanged with the team. But again, they didn't excite me much. Maybe I needed a different environment to lighten up. 

We chose to drive down to Goa. It was just two days before Ghatasthapana and Navratri. Sameer knows that I love driving. He asked me to drive to suspend my wandering thoughts even for time-being. Behind the steering wheel, I felt back in charge. How I wished that life was as easy and simple to control as the steering wheel. 

We entered our South Goa resort, quickly parked the car, and rushed to the beach., just in time for a beautiful sunset. With a smile and a promise to rise again tomorrow morning, the setting sun gave the last of its radiance. The earth merged with the twilight. Now is the time to express gratitude, cherish the good times, and move forward with some courage. 

The emotional highs and lows are natural. Managing emotions effectively is an art, something I need to learn. I was at a cusp of physical, emotional, and social changes and needed support and unwinding. 

I planned to do early morning and late afternoon barefoot walks on the beach. These walks calmed me down and connected me with mother earth. I again decided to eat healy and on time. The next three days were fun. I gradually came out of my cocoon, enjoying the waves, the sun, the sand, and the salty air. I spent afternoons sipping coconut water and reading lifestyle magazines in the beach shack. 

The food was great. They even had lots of vegetarian options for us. The room was pretty and spacious. The staff was polite and the stay was very comfortable. All in all, it was a well-planned and much-required break that helped me reset my mood. 

The drive back to Mumbai was long and tiring. We reached back home late, sun-soaked and tanned, detoxed and relaxed, tired and fresh. Now, we are ready to worship Maa Durga as she waged the battle of Good over Evil.

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