The untold story – Part 1 (page 10)

The untold story – Part 1 (page 10)

The untold story – Part 1 (Page 10)

First of all, sorry for the long gap. 1st October 2018. My memory of this day will last a lifetime.

There was inexplicable pain, a pain, only a mother who has been in a similar situation could feel, relate and understand. Today’s sonography report revealed that fetal cardiac activity was ABSENT. It was a pain of losing my unborn child. A pain that is impossible to describe in words. The medical practitioners however had one word to describe my situation- Miscarriage.

As per statistics, one in seven pregnancies worldwide ends in miscarriage. It's a similar story in India. The occurrence of spontaneous miscarriage in India is reported to be around 10%. However, the recent NCBI-NIH study found it to be much higher, at around 32% in Indian women. While the numbers seem to be shockingly alarming, they never bothered me until it happened to me. And it changed my whole world.

From Tennis to Badminton and from Swimming to Cycling, I have always been a physically active person. I have even cycled from Manali to Khardung-La on the world's highest motorable pass at 18,500 feet. Fitness is deeply rooted in my lifestyle. A miscarriage can't be attributed to my physical fitness.

We have a family business of Club & Resorts. As Papa and I built the company from scratch, I am proud of what we have accomplished. As a business owner myself, I face a wide range of challenges - First is the challenge of being a woman leader in the thankless and demanding hospitality industry. Another challenge of management politics is very frustrating for me. Every single day, I drove home crying after a heated argument during the last month. I even thought of quitting. But Sameer, who always guides me without any judgment when he thinks I could be wrong, encouraged me to do my duty and work as hard as I could. And hence, I continued. I couldn’t help thinking. Could the miscarriage be attributed to my higher stress levels?

A little while back, we enjoyed a long Spanish holiday. Then, I found out I was pregnant, and we couldn't wait to welcome our bundle of joy in coming May. But due to some inexplicable reason, the unborn baby’s heartbeats had gradually started decreasing. Even the doctor observed helplessly. We had tried everything we could. But it was 1st October 2018, the abominable day of my life when the reports said I had lost my unborn child. Lord, give me strength.pure

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