In my Diary Pages, I have penned down snippets and sometimes even some vivid detailed parts from my pregnancy journey. As you read, you will also meet some important people in my life, especially during that phase. I offer here my own ups and downs, highs and lows, trials with triumphs, as well as mistakes and learnings.

Garbha Sanskar (Diary Page 21)
As I researched, I was amazed by the concept of ‘Garbha Sanskar’. I must say that our ancestors paid a great deal of attention to the emotional well-being of the mother. It is believed that a child's emotional and behavioral development starts as soon as conception.
Overthinking (Diary Page 20)

I just couldn't sleep those nights! They say overthinking is the art of problems that weren't even there. But for me, this sentence was only half true. When I was in the same situation last time, I did suffer a terrible, inexplicable loss.

Excitement, once again (Diary Page 19)
It was the first time we hosted a Holi celebration at our Club. We had a turnout beyond our expectations. Every single corner of the Club had come alive splashing colors in the air.
Kovalam (Diary Page 18)
Great news! As I reached the Resort today morning, there was a different smile on everybody's face. Before I could ask anything, my Bhabhi pulled me into the guest room and she broke the sweet news. 
A peek into the mother's life (Diary Page 17)
The month of February was almost nearing its end. Time flies fast. The workload in the peak season seems to be never-ending. I was more than content with Sameer’s efforts and contributions.
Boys Night Out (Diary Page 16)

My phone rang at 5am. With groggy eyes I tried to focus on the name on the screen. It was Sameer calling me. It was a boys' night out and Sameer went out with his school friends today.

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