In my Diary Pages, I have penned down snippets and sometimes even some vivid detailed parts from my pregnancy journey. As you read, you will also meet some important people in my life, especially during that phase. I offer here my own ups and downs, highs and lows, trials with triumphs, as well as mistakes and learnings.

Festive Season (Diary Page 15)
For us Gujarati, Navratri is a huge celebration. At my mom’s house, we do ‘Garba Sthapana’ and pray for nine days. A lot of relatives visit us during these nine days. We even host a grand Garba dancing function on one of the weekends at the club. 
Chromosome 16 (Diary Page 14)
It was 10am on a Monday morning. I got a call from my Gynaecologist’s clinic. Her team had my latest report of Molecular Karyotyping and wanted to discuss the findings with me. I put my mobile on speaker for Sameer to listen.
The long drive (Diary Page 13)
We spent the next couple of days lying low. My belief that things are in God's hands rather than ours gave me some strength. Ceding control lessened the grieving process. But still, it was there and I was not able to come out of it completely. I did not know how long this would last or what would bring me back.
The untold story – Part 2 (Diary Page 12)
As we reached the hospital, Sameer was swift enough to complete the patient registration formalities and join us outside the Operation Theatre area. Mom was already there chatting with our family physician Dr. Mehta, who came all the way just to ensure we get emotional support.
Broken heart (Diary Page 11)

It's October 2nd. My brother's birthday. I do have some fond memories of celebrating his other birthdays. But today is not one of those days. Sameer was out of town and was slated to land early in the afternoon.

The untold story – Part 1 (page 10)

First of all, sorry for the long gap. 1st October 2018. My memory of this day will last a lifetime.There was inexplicable pain, a pain, only a mother who has been in a similar situation could feel, relate and understand. Today’s sonography report revealed that fetal cardiac activity was ABSENT.

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