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About us

About us

*Disclaimer: I'm a mother who makes mistakes.

Yes, you heard (rather read) me correctly. I'm a mom who makes mistakes, and I am not afraid to admit them. And to learn from them. And then, re-learn again.

The Journey of Motherhood is a rather complicated affair. It's filled with lessons that all mothers have to learn the hard way. I’m no exception. But in all of that, the biggest lesson for me has been this “To truly take good care of the little angel, first take care of yourself”. Isn't this what every flight attendant instructs us during the brief? “Please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others”

When your little bundle of joy arrives, it's so easy to forget oneself and do everything in and even beyond your power for him or her. And this is what we have seen our own parents and grandparents do too. We are no exceptions, too, but our times are different.

Most of us stay in nuclear families and have multiple roles to play in life. Besides, our children look up to us, and how we treat ourselves. This makes putting self-care as top priority, without an ounce of guilt.

All I’m trying to do here is pen down snippets and sometimes even some vivid detailed parts from my own journey, which you will find in my diary pages. I offer here my own ups and downs, highs and lows, trials with triumphs, as well as mistakes and learnings. I’m sure you will be able to relate to most of these pages.


This space does not belong to me alone. Together with a hand-picked group of other experienced mothers coming from diverse backgrounds, my intent is to put forth credible knowledge along with some finer details from relatable stories that moms may need so that they are well equipped to make informed decisions for themselves, and the little ones.

Take care mom.

And everything else will fall into place.